Bringing People

The app that takes the pain out of planning

When you want to get together with a friend across town for a meal, how do you decide where to meet?

    • Google Maps/Yelp

    • Estimate midpoint

    • Search in map

    • Scroll through reviews

    • Move Map

    • Repeat

Why is this suboptimal?

    • You don't know the area

    • You might be looking in the wrong place

    • It's inefficient

Try Togethr

How it Works

Our app uses your locations and preferences to suggest meeting places to you and a friend. We've trained models using millions of restaurant reviews from Yelp to make sure each suggestion we make perfectly matches your tastes. By utilizing advanced isochrome techniques we're able to find meeting places that make everyone happy.

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Suggested Locations

Togethr will provide a ranked list of possible options based on location and individual preferences of all users

We've built a regression model using reviews from millions of restaurants world wide. Our model works by building a sparse linear model to predict categories you may like based on your preferences. We choose a model designed to work with implicit feedback to provide great recommendations with low burden for users. With this design we're also able to parallelize the training of our model so we can continuously update our recommendations based on feedback from our users.

The Togethr Adventurers

Zach Ingbretsen


Zach is the lab wizard at the

Harvard Intergroup Neuroscience Laboratory

Mona Iwamoto


Mona likes pina coladas

walking in the rain

and doing Data Science at Delta

Kevin Foley


Kevin clusters categories at Togethr

and designs DAGs at Doximity